Linda has cultured many  friendships through her twenty-two years of dedication to health and beauty as an esthetician in Montecito. She would like to reward all her friends and loyal customers with discounts and promotions. You'll find monthly specials that are available for everyone but, for those friends and customers that send a referral, Linda will graciously provide a 10% discount on their visit. The ultimate compliment is a referral!

                 THIS MONTH'S PROMOTIONS:

Fenruary's Special! All Epicuren after-bath lotions are 10% off! Epicuren was originally used for burn victims. Working efficaciously on your skin, it's protein-enzyme base promotes circulation and blood flow.

10% discount on your next visit for your referrals. Your referral is the ultimate compliment!

January is Skin Health Month! Linda will help you attain your health and beauty goals. Consultation topics include how-to's of skin care, proper diet, de-stressing, beauty aids, products, and dedication to one's own continued health.